Demorecording: Yes
Screenshots: Yes
Friendly Fire: 50%
Maxrounds: 12 (if nothing else is decided between the teams/players)

Demos must be uploaded if requested. Failing to do so will result in a matchloss and suspension from the ladder.

If there is an dispute between the clans, admins can be called upon for help to sort it out. Most stuff should be handled by the teams themselves but for the few occasions where this is impossible, admins can step in to help out.

General rules for gameplay:

  • When playing a war with 2 maps the starting side is decided by the other team on your map of choice.
  • Abusive language is NOT tollerated during wars. Use common sense on how to behave against other people and you should be fine. This will be looked into and admins can decide if a player should get punishment for what has been said during the wars.